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Why Pay-a-Toll

For those who do not own an e-tag or e-pass, paying a toll notice can be a confusing process. Sydney is the biggest offender, with several toll providers covering the many toll roads surrounding the city. Pay-a-Toll brings together, in one place, links to all the payment pages of all toll road providers.

Instead of trawling the internet for the correct toll provider webpage to pay your toll, pre-pay your toll, or pay your toll notice, Pay-a-Toll is your one stop portal for all toll payments.

How to use Pay-a-Toll

Using Pay-a-Toll is simple.

Simply click on the orange button that relates to your situation, until you reach your destination.

Your Privacy and your information

Pay-a-Toll is merely a collection of links to the payment pages of Australian toll road providers. This means none of your information, or payment details, are ever seen nor recorded by Pay-a-Toll. We can't, it's not possible.

You can rest assured, once you reach the toll road providers webpage via the Pay-a-Toll portal, their encryption, privacy policies, and security process take over.

Pay-a-Toll will never contact you regarding toll payments. We do not have access to this information.

Please contact your toll road provider for any issues regarding their website and/or toll notices.

What's next for Pay-a-Toll

Pay-a-Toll is expanding geographically, it's not a fast process, thanks to our state governments convoluted toll road management, but we'll get there. Our aim is to simplify the "convoluted" process of toll payment, allowing you to get on with your life.

If you would like to see something else on Pay-a-Toll, or would like to comment, please feel free to email us at

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Who are we

We are a small team of designers, who are always on the look out for areas that need improvement. Pay-a-Toll came about as a solution to the problem of paying toll notices in Sydney, but we are expanding geographically.

Know of an area that needs improvement? Email us at, lets solve it.